Our mission is to make ML useful

We cut through the complexity of MLOps, our goal is to help to run ML systems in production. Infrastructure is only a start, we offer a set of ML products useful to the world.

Our vision

We focus on two things - MLOps infrastructure and applied ML products. Skipper MLOps infrastructure is open-source and we are using it to build our ML products. At this moment, we implemented the first production version of Skipper and are on the way to digg into ML products development. All our ML products will be open and accessible online.

MLOps Infrastructure

Infrastructure is implemented by our open-source product Skipper. It provides containers, suitable to run various workloads. Generic REST API handles async and sync requests. Your containers can be plugged-in into Skipper easily. It runs on-premise and on the cloud through Kubernetes or Docker.

ML Products

We are using Skipper infrastructure to build a set of ML products useful to large and small enterprises. Our focus is on NLP, Computer Vision, and Finance ML.