New programming paradigm

Humans input data as well as the answers expected from the data. Machine learning calculates the rules.

Machine Learning API

API which connects to any Machine Learning Cloud provider.

On-Premise API

Full support for Machine Learning runtime On-Premise.

Machine Learning Models

XGBoost and Neural Network models for tabular data processing.

Cross platform

Easy setup. Runs everywhere in Docker container.

Generic API

Katana API helps to simplify Machine Learning integration into enterprise applications.

  • Single API for enterprise applications
  • API routing to SaaS Cloud providers or On-Premise
  • API monitoring and issues reporting
  • Secure and simple to setup with Docker

Intuitive Models

Use one of the pre-built models for business automation.

  • XGBoost and MLP Neural Network support
  • Pre-built models for finance, manufactoring and healthcare
  • Automatic and on-demand model re-training
  • Not a black box. Advanced model interpretation

Katana Architecture

We simplify Machine Learning adaption for business.

  • Machine Learning SaaS Cloud support
  • Machine Learning On-Premise support
  • Generic API - option to use multiple sources
  • No dependency on single source

Our Experience

Presenting Machine Learning at Oracle Code One 2018, San Francisco

Our services

We provide a broad range of software development services to support Machine Learning implementations. Our skillset is based on experience of developing production enterprise systems. We are experts in Oracle development tools, TensorFlow, Jupyter, Docker, Java, Python and JavaScript.


Enterprise solutions


Machine Learning


Mobile solutions

Our pricing

Pricing that Aligns to Your Business Model - whatever your deployment scenario, we’ll work with you.

Machine Learning API
Pre-Built Machine Learning Models
SaaS Cloud integration
On-Premise deployment
Free upgrades
Full support
Everything in BASIC, including:
Data Transformation
Business Process Automation
Custom Machine Learning Models
Model Interpretation
Model Re-Training
Everything in STANDARD, including:
Advanced model auto re-training
Custom API development
Custom integration development
Custom UI development
Dedicated support

Our team

We bring more than a decade of experience in enterprise software development.

Andrejus Baranovskis
Founder and Director for Machine Learning

Prolific blogger, enjoys to share technical knowledge with the community. Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador and Oracle ACE Director.

Florin Marcus
Lead Machine Learning Developer

Full stack developer with extensive knowledge in Python, Java and JavaScript. His passion is to tune and improve IT systems.